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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Environmental Engineering Solutions

Environmental Engineering Solutions

BacTee Systems is a leading designer and provider of aeration floors for compost and biofilter systems. We specialize in designing processes for odor control and composting needs of  wastewater and solid waste treatment facilities. As a comprehensive aeration company, we provide the design, equipment selection, and procurement services to owners and/or operators of WWTPs and composting facilities.

To learn more in depth about our odor control and composting solutions, please see below.

BacTee Odor Control

BacTee Systems provides systems, technical support and products that contribute to the design, production, and implementation of biological odor control systems for air or other gaseous waste streams.

The key to optimal biological odor control is to maintain uniform microbial activity throughout a bed of media by providing an acceptable range of temperature, moisture, and pH which the biological oxidation of organic pollutants can occur.

At the heart of every BacTee biological odor control system is the BacTee BioAer floor system.  This BioAer system is a world class aeration system for odor control for a few key reasons: uniform air distribution, low pressure drop, easy installation and maintenance, and long-life under severe conditions. 

Biofiltration is a biological treatment technique for removing odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by using naturally-occurring microbes to capture and biologically degrade the pollutant compounds.  As applied to gaseous waste streams, the process gas streams pass through a media that hosts and supports the life of the microbes that are nourished by the pollutant compounds.  The pollutant compounds are converted by the microbes to innocuous compounds such as carbon dioxide, water, and other residual elements.

Since every biological odor control application is unique and site specific relative to waste stream constituents, available space, and ancillary support requirements. BacTee works with project engineers and/or owners to propose and develop a biological odor control system that fits the local requirements and constraints.

BacTee BioFilter
BacTee biofilter floor

Intensive agricultural and urban development and poor environmental practices have altered soils over the entire earth.  In many areas, once fertile topsoils have been turned into sterile, inorganic substances that require large inputs of chemicals or tillage energy for food and food production.

High quality compost is one of the few materials on the planet that can serve as a soil amendment to restore those areas.  BacTee Composting processes utilize mechanical biological technology (MBT) that converts raw organic material, such as food waste, green waste, animal waste, and/or wastewater sludge into products that can be used as a soil amendment, a medium to grow plants or even as a partial replacement for coal in a power plant or kiln (green power).

BacTee provides composting process evaluation and selection services, facility conceptualization and compost selection and integration support to owners or engineering representatives.  Additionally BacTee Systems can develop and supply forced aeration systems and control strategies that are adaptable to virtually all types of compost processes.

Compost processes for which BacTee has developed and provides aeration systems include:

  • Aerated uncovered windrows

  • Aerated covered windrows

  • Aerated static piles

  • Aerated agitated tunnels

  • Aerated in-vessel containers

BacTee High Quality Aeration for Biofilters
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