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MDC Hartford

Location:   Hartford, CT / Capacity: 200,000 cfm  /  Project Completed: 2017

The Metropolitan District (MDC) Hartford Pollution Control facility is a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility that cleans up the water to the Connecticut river, as well as the region's sanitary waste streams.  The lead design engineering firm was Aracadis, and the main facility also provides sludge treatment for all 3 of the MDC's satellite water pollution control facilities.

The biofilter is designed to treat a 57,000 cfm airstream source from the plant's influent pump station and headworks buildings.  The biofilter utilizes the BacTee aeration floor to distribute the air to the organic media.  The biofilter is made up of 3 cells that total 9,030 square feet, which utilize the BacTee aeration floor  The biofilter was designed to have an empty bed residence time of 63 seconds and a 6 feet media depth.

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