Rancho Las Virgenes Composting Facility

Location: Calabasas, CA/Capacity:120,000 gal per day / Compost Yield: 11,000 t. annually /Project Completed: 2004

Rancho Las Virgenes (RLV) Composting Facility provides for the beneficial reuse of biosolids removed during the wastewater treatment at the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility.  This facility is operated by the Las Virgenes Municipal Water Distrct.  Due to the facility’s location, near a residential and commercial area, odor control has always been of prime importance to the successful operation of this plant.When the facility first opened in 1994, it did not use a BacTee biofilter – instead it used a “pipe-in-gravel” aeration floor system.  In 2001, the odor control facility was expanded to accommodate increased air emissions from the facility and BacTee was selected over the existing flooring system. 

outside of las virgenes facility.jpg
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The BacTee aeration floor system was immediately placed adjacent to the older system.

Upon the start-up of the expanded biofilter with the BacTee floor system, the energy consumption for the operation of the biofilter dropped significantly on a per unit basis.  Most importantly, the uniformity of the air distribution through the media is noticeably greater in the section of the biofilter with the BacTee floor system compared to the “pipe-in-gravel” design.  The BacTee design has proven to be a much more economical and convenient means of air distribution through a biofilter media.