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About Us

Engineering Sustainable Solutions

BacTee Systems is one of the world’s preeminent providers of environmental engineering solutions by offering aeration flooring systems for municipal water, wastewater, sludge, and composting facilities. We provide systems integration, systems design, equipment selection, and procurement services to meet our customers’ needs in composting and odor control.

We are based in Grand Forks, North Dakota - but our work spans the globe.  We have partnerships and representation in the United States & Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Systems Integration









Pond in Park

Clean Environments

We combine expertise in engineering, microbiology and process control in the development of facilities that transform biosolids and organic solid wastes,  into soil enhancing product streams and biologically treats odorous gases.

BacTee's services include pre-design technical support in raw material characterization, site evaluation, process evaluation and recommendations, and facility planning. Upon completion of a facility plan and project initialization, BacTee Systems provides and integrates key process components and technical support through commissioning of the facility.

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