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Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility

Ft. Worth, TX

100,800 cfm

Project Completed in 2005

BacTee aeration flooring system used to great effect on organic and inorganic media

Serves 23 different communities

The award-winning Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility treats wastewater from over 880,000 people and many businesses in the 23 communities it serves. The plant, which can process 166 million gallons of wastewater each day, is owned and operated by the city of Ft. Worth. The facility is particularly important to the surrounding community. During the dry months caused by the Texas heat, the Trinity River may be composed of up to 95% wastewater, and the performance of the Village Creek facility is critical to the river's vitality and usefulness as a water source for those downstream.

The odor control system of the facility was upgraded and expanded in 2005. An organic biofilter was added so that the BacTee aeration flooring system would be utilized. The biofilter is a 4 cell biofilter, with each cell being 56 feet by 90 feet. In 2005 the design rate flow was 70,000 cfm and the biofilter used shredded wood media. In early 2021, the biofilter flow rate was increased to up to 100,800 cfm and inorganic media was used. The BacTee aeration flooring system has been used with both organic and inorganic media for odor control at this facility with great effect.

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