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tianjin facility.png

Tianjin Zhengguizhuang 
Composting Facility

Tianjin, China

275 WTPD

21 days of composting within the bays

Project Completed 2013

First time BDP agitated bay technologies combined with BacTee negative aeration system

Tianjin is a major port city in northern coastal China and one of China's most populated cities.  The City of Tianjin selected MTI, a company BacTee has worked with very closely for decades, to design and construct a new composting facility.  The Tianjin Zhengguizhuang Composting Facility is the first to combine the BDP Industries agitated bay technologies with BacTee Systems' negative aeration system.  Negative aeration provides for the highest level of odor containment and control while reducing fog potential inside the facility.

The facility uses an extensive network of conveyors for bay loading and material discharge in a fully automated facility from material receipt through composting.  A key design feature is the use of 20 long bays which use two 100 horsepower BDP agitators to compost 250 WTPD of Tianjin's municipal biosolid waste with 25 WTPD of rice hulls and other agricultural by-products.

The material undergoes 21 days of actual composting in the bays.  Approximately 75% of the discharged material is recycled to the front of the composting bays for use as a bulking agent.  The remaining 25% material, which is more like a fertilizer product than compost, is land applied as a fertilizer replacement.

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