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Biological Purification

Humber Treatment Plant

Toronto, Canada

88,675 cfm total

Project Completed in 2016

Facility designed with 2 biofilters

Centralized biofilter build underneath parking garage

The Humber Treatment Plant is one of four wastewater treatment facilities operated by the City of Toronto. The service area of the facility has an estimated population of 685,000. The Humber Treatment Plant has a rated capacity of 473 ML per day.

The lead design engineering firm was Stantec and there are two biofilters at this facility. A unique centralized biofilter treats 83,672 cfm, while the South Primary Biofilter treats 5,003 cfm. These biofilters utilize wood chip media and are made up of 22,500 square feet of BacTee's aeration flooring system.

What makes the centralized biofilter so unique is that it is located within a below-grade concrete vault. At grade level, above the biofilter, is the facility's parking lot.

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