Agricultural Applications

BacTee provides technical support, products and processes for both agricultural production and the ag-processing industries. 

The management of wastes from large-scale livestock production facilities often requires both odor control and compost systems to allow these operations to be ‘environmentally-friendly’ for both operators and neighbors of these facilities.  BacTee professionals work with the management of these facilities to develop a solution that is the economically-compatible and a technically-sound application for a given site within the scope of BacTee’s system options. 

BacTee has implemented biofilters for the control of odors emanating from manure holding tanks and dewatering operations.  BacTee can select from a broad range of compost processes to determine the most appropriate application based on site specific requirements and resources.

The ‘biodrying’ of manures and substrate material from anaerobic digestion is another technology offered by BacTee Systems that can convert an organic waste into bedding material at livestock facilities. 

Most Ag-processing industries produce organic waste streams that can be beneficially upgraded to a useful secondary by-product by means of secondary biological treatment to produce either soil amendments or energy products.  BacTee professionals can assist facility management in the selection of a biological process most suited for a particular ag-processing waste stream. 

The pollution control solutions offered by BacTee Systems are developed from first-hand experience of the Professionals of BacTee; all of whom have personal farm and/or agribusiness backgrounds.

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