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The professionals of BacTee Systems have life-long careers in the design and operation of environmental technologies associated with the management of organic waste streams and energy management.  The multi-disciplinary backgrounds of BacTee professionals give the company the flexibility to design and adapt biological processes to the characteristics and requirements of specific and unique waste streams.  While BacTee Systems offers a standard product line of aeration components, the BacTee design team has provided facility designs for a wide range of odor control and compost facilities. 

Relative to odor control, BacTee provides technical support to the engineering/design of biofiltration systems based on air flow rates, site constraints, qualitative and quantitative assessment of contaminants, and local climatic considerations.  BacTee professionals are frequently contacted by leading odor control engineers within major engineering firms for guidance in the proper layout and design of biofiltration systems applicable to a given site. 

Relative to compost systems, BacTee provides initial facility design plans suited to the principal solid waste streams and other amendment materials (if required) to yield a high-rate compost process and a final compost product appropriate for the proposed end use of the finished material.  Dependent on local requirements, BacTee offers hardware and site plans for open aerated windrow, covered aerated windrow, covered aerated static pile, rotary drum, agitated tunnel, and a variety of in-vessel configurations. 

BacTee is a solution provider frequently developing technology to solve recurring issues within the compost industry.  These challenges have led to the development of high-temperature polymeric floors for agitated tunnel reactors; various configurations of the stainless steel ChannelAer® floor components for aerated static piles and high-rate, in vessel designs; permeable, semi-permeable and impermeable cover technologies, as well as, the development of the near-air-tight, retractable CompostCov-R™; and robust process control systems including wireless sensors and software.

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