BacTee Systems provides biological waste management and odor control services and products internationally with installed systems in Europe, Asia, Australia and the North American continents.  BacTee Systems serves as a technical resource to local engineering firms/agencies and vendors in the design and development phases of organic waste conversion and odor control facilities.  By supporting and complementing the efforts and expertise of local design firms and vendors, the professionals of BacTee Systems endeavor to incorporate the latest technological advancements in biological waste management systems within the locally-available resources and constraints of a project. 

Recognizing that resources and raw materials will be different in different locales around the world, BacTee professionals apply fundamental principles of biological waste management systems to propose and implement processes and systems that utilize available materials at a given site.  Services and products relative to biological waste management systems offered by BacTee Systems worldwide include:

  1. Raw material analysis and characterization.
  2. Process evaluation and recommendations from among a suite of biological methods.
  3. Technical support to consulting engineers and engineering design agencies. 
  4. Aeration and process components or subsystems for biological odor control facilities.
  5. Technical and supervisory support during facility construction.
  6. Preparation and training of operators for biological waste management systems.

Engagement with local firms and vendors is important to BacTee Systems.  By creating strategic alliances with local government agencies and private companies, the professionals of BacTee Systems become part of a seamless process for the design, construction, and operation of biological waste management systems on a global basis. 

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