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ChannelAerT AerStrip

BacTee’s many years of experience in aerating biofilter media is incorporated into aeration floor systems and components designed specifically for medium- and large-scale municipal, agricultural, and industrial compost processes.  The BacTee ChannelAer™ components are designed around the same uniform aeration principles used in BacTee’s BioAer® system and components but provide the greater surface wear, structural strength and high temperature resistance required in most commercial-scale compost facilities. 

The ChannelAer™ components are designed to allow the construction of compost process aeration floor systems that meet twelve key elements required in any modern aerated compost facility – for either positive or negative aeration systems.

  1. Uniform forced air distribution across the entire face of the process floor.
  2. Perforations/vents for air transfer spacing at sufficiently close pitch.
  3. Vent openings that minimize process material intrusion and plugging.
  4. Vents that allow intruded material to fall through, not adhere, within the vent. 
  5. Low static head (pressure) loss through the in-floor air transport plenum.
  6. Plenum structures and components that can transport condensate or leachate.
  7. Installed floor components that allow for ease of cleaning.
  8. A final floor configuration that is flat, with only acceptable discontinuities.
  9. A floor that is structurally adequate for all static and live loads.
  10. Floor components that have a reasonable life under corrosive conditions.
  11. Installation methods that can be accomplished with conventional equipment.
  12. An overall cost-benefit ratio that exceeds other aeration methods.

The ChannelAer™ AerStrips serve as air conduits and transfer interfaces between the compost aeration floor system and the bulk material undergoing the compost process.  The AerStrips units are in the general configuration of a U-channel with a perforated, or vented, face that allows air passage under either positive or negative pressure between the process material and the in-floor air handling system. 

In some systems, ChannelAer™ MidStrips serve as air conduits to form a ‘central spine’ from which ChannelAer™ AerStrips form branches or extensions to offer the desired aeration coverage under the process material.

The ChannelAer™ Valve unit serves as a simple, manual means of isolating a portion of an aerated compost process that may be unfilled or out-of-service while the balance of the process unit is operational.  This feature may, in some cases, reduce the number of blowers required to aerate a compost process at considerable cost savings in both blowers and control features. 

All ChannelAer™ components are custom-designed to meet BacTee’s aeration design parameters for site-specific applications. All ChannelAer™ components are fabricated from stainless steel.” The ChannelAer™ components may be arranged in different configurations to provide the most economical and complete aeration pattern for a particular compost or biofilter configuration. Typically, these configurations take the form of either the ChevAer™ pattern or the LinAer™ pattern. 

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