RollCov-R™ Systems

Retractable Cover

BacTee offers various configurations of RollCov-R™ technology to enable complete closure of aerated compost process but with convenient cover retraction or roll-back features that allow full access to the processing area during both loading and unloading of raw and finished materials.  RollCov-R™ technology is not limited to one particular type of compost process and may be employed on covered aerated windrows, covered aerated static piles, and agitated tunnel configurations.  In the case of covered windrows or covered aerated static piles, the RollCov-R™ system eliminates the need for large, costly winding equipment and can be opened or closed over the process material even in windy conditions with minimal manpower.  In the case of agitated tunnels systems, the RollCov-R™ technology may reduce or eliminate the need for large enclosure structures while protecting the process from the weather elements and offering confinement of odors.  The ability of the RollCov-R™ system to minimize confinement areas in processes that would typically require a large enclosure can reduce the total ventilation requirements and minimize the cost of process odor control features. 

BacTee provides custom designs of the RollCov-R™ technology based on local process and site requirements. 

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