BacTee Systems provides integration services and hardware for the conversion of organic waste streams into energy or beneficial by-products.  The development of organic waste management facilities requires an understanding of raw feedstocks, site constraints, regulatory issues, and the quality requirements of the output products. 

BacTee Systems combines expertise in engineering, microbiology, and process control in the development of facilities that transform biosolids, organic solid wastes, and odorous gases into earth-friendly product streams. 

The professional staff members of BacTee Systems have extensive career histories in the field of organic waste management both during and prior to their association with BacTee Systems.  BacTee personnel were directly involved in the following developments within the organic waste management industry. 

  • First distributed plenum aeration floor in a US biofilter
  • First high-temperature biofiltration odor control system in the US
  • First distributed plenum floor at a US compost facility
  • Largest biofilter aeration floor in North America
  • Introduction of the ChevAer™ compost process aeration floor system
  • Innovations in impermeable and retractable membrane cover systems

Today, BacTee Systems is engaged in the international compost marketplace with partnerships or representation in Australia, Asia, Europe as well as the United States and Canada.

BacTee's services include pre-design technical support in raw material characterization, site evaluation, process evaluation and recommendations, and facility planning.  Upon completion of a facility plan and project initiation, BacTee Systems provides and integrates key process components, supports or becomes the construction management team, and offers real-time, remote access support through the process control system. 

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